Vera Speaks – Show 683 – Fomordial Friday Edition

Voicemails, “Can We Talk?”, “Lovieland Birthdays”, “Randomonium”, “This Disturbs Me” and Friendship.

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 683 – Fomordial Friday Edition

  1. I don’t think what I’m more disgusted about, the manufacturer deciding that this would be a profitable bumper sticker design, or the racist moron who went and bought it and then stuck it to the back of his car.

  2. However, I love how you interact with Madge’s voice mail, and how cleverly Madge set pauses for you to react. I think you should call her and interview her for Yeast Radio, find out all about her plans (and her Valentine…).
    BTW, my birthday is March 26 (just saying…)

  3. What’s really sad is that the radical right has gotten so crazy that we can’t be sure if this is real or photoshopped. If it is real, this stupid driver should expect to take their SUV in for some major autobody repairs in the near future. I decided long ago to keep ALL bumper stickers, no matter how tame, off my car because I can’t afford the repair bills & I don’t like drawing attention to myself.

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