Vera Speaks – Show 696 – McClintock Monday Edition

“Weekend Recap”, “Movie Recommendation Time – Small Time Gay Bar” and No one is alone.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 696 – McClintock Monday Edition

  1. You know what, Auntie, I think I finally worked out where you got that “Ding Dong! Do you know where your children are”-meme from. I think I heard it on an episode of The Golden Girls recently…

  2. Auntie, I haven’t caught up with your shows yet, but I sure hope that you, Conscience and his union come to some sort of agreement. Don’t get me wrong, this episode is fine and entertaining and everything, but it lacks a certain dynamic that (apparently) Conscience contributes to the show.
    I gotta watch that movie you recommended, you made me tear up with your comments on it. I know your emotional support would have meant the world to me had the internet already existed when I was coming of age in the middle of nowhere back in the day. Beautiful song in the end!

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