Vera Speaks – Show 697 – Way Late Wednesday Edition

“Cruise Ship Countdown 2012”, “This Disturbs Me”, “RNSOTD”, “Ask Auntie Vera” and John’s Halloween.

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8 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 697 – Way Late Wednesday Edition

  1. Too gross. This episode was too gross. From sewing lips to assholes to ripping testicles off, it was too much. I don’t think of myself as particularly squeamish to gross stuff, but mutilation makes me uneasy.

    I also don’t understand the lack of public outcry in the case of the article you read. If a man burst into his ex girlfriend’s house, stuck a knife in her pussy and then gave it a swift kick, the outcry from the public would be astounding. Every morning and afternoon talk show would be all over the reverse scenario. But a woman rips a man’s testicles off, and it’s relegated to the weird news section of newspapers and websites. Disgusting.

  2. Now I feel like I shamed you and made you feel bad because of the sad-face emoticon. I don’t often leave comments on content I don’t like because as everyone says, if you don’t like it don’t listen. But you also say you like want people to write. So I did. :\

    • None of the above. I just felt bad that you didn’t like it.
      You know I adore you.

        • That makes me happier than I can say. You have always been the best music appreciater.

  3. Vera, may I correct you: the best thing about ETHS was *not* the PayPal-button (#ThatsWhatYouThinkVera), but the quality of the conversations and the insightful arguments presented, often times garnished with a little comedy on the side. I still value it a great deal and go back and listen to the old episodes pretty frequently.

  4. It sounds funny to me when “Halloween” (34 years old) is referred to as a “modern” horror film… πŸ˜‰

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