Vera Speaks – Show 701 – Filled Up Friday Edition

Voicemail, “Tweet Me A Question”, “RNSOTD” and Bab’s Pretty Women.

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 701 – Filled Up Friday Edition

  1. I sang along that Friday-song, like five times in a row. Got some looks…
    And I love that you celebrated Barbra’s birthday with that beautiful song in the end!

  2. Auntie, you said you feel most comfortable in the company of other homosexuals, yet you fear to feel uncomfortable at Pride48 in Vegas?! How about you went there on your own, and Gooch stayed home, working and taking Howard out to pee for that weekend? (Not that I’m going, myself, but I’d tune in on the livestream to hear your live-show)

  3. Although I’d love for you to make an appearance at Pride48 (as EVERYONE would), I understand that you won’t travel without your wonderful husband & I can’t blame you. I am leaving mine behind for the trip & I honestly feel terribly guilty about it. He says he is okay with it, but I am not. I don’t like being away from him while I’m at work, let alone five days. So, I understand your commitment, Auntie. But if the TWO of you decided to come, well, then, everyone would be thrilled!

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