Vera Speaks – Show 712 – Memorial Monday Edition

It’s  A Memorial Gooch-A-Palooza!!!
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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 712 – Memorial Monday Edition

  1. Excellent points made about war and soldiers. I am a bit torn about this, myself. On the one hand, I’m against war and Amercia fighting overseas (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan) in general, on the other hand, I am glad they defeated the Nazis and liberated the country I happen live in today, and that they marched into the Kosovo, Libya, and hopefully Syria (be it as part of the NATO or the UN or whatever).
    But arguments like yours seem to be rare when the common rhetoric usually includes phrases like “fighting for our freedom” and “our heroes”.
    I loved the song in the end, it brought tears to my eyes. It really matched your conversation earlier.

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