Vera Speaks – Show 722 – Windy-Assed Wednesday Edition

Voicemail, “P.O. Box Thanks Yous”, “Cruise Ship Countdown 2012”, HELP!, “Tweet Me A Question” and Sophie’s Choice.”

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 722 – Windy-Assed Wednesday Edition

  1. Auntie, do you use the Chuck Norris Total Gym(R) as well, or is it just Gooch who works out with his own body weight? (I looked up the thing’s name, but I do remember the infomercials, they ran them even on German TV back in the 90s)

  2. Auntie, shouldn’t a Conscience be, above all things, able to judge what constitutes “a noble pursuit”? Maybe his union should find him a place in some seminar, with The Learning Annex or something like that while you’re on vacation…

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