Vera Speaks – Show 725 – Warty Wednesday Edition

Voicemail, “Can We Talk?”, “Life With Gooch” and Ellen’s Suddenly Seymour.

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5 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 725 – Warty Wednesday Edition

  1. For the record! I’ve heard that men can carry HPV their entire lives and never once have a symptom. I think something absurd like 85% of the sexually active population has some form of HPV. They might not realize it yet, but it’s there. Creppy, yes?

  2. I read that that’s why HPV-vaccinations only make sense for people who haven’t had sex yet (hence children/adolescents), but it does make sense to vaccine both girls *and* boys.
    So did you ever call your mother and explain the situation, or do you think she didn’t get it (/care) anyway?

  3. BTW, is this the movie-version of “Suddenly Seymour”? Because it sounds quite different from the version I’m used to (Off-Broadway 1982, with Lee Wilkof ). Or is it from one of those “Hey, Mr. Producer”-concerts?

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