Vera Speaks – Show 727 – Momless Monday Edition

“Weekend Recap”, “Cruise Ship Countdown 2012”, “A Gayboy’s Guide To Gay” Suit Fund and In Honor Of Anderson.

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 727 – Momless Monday Edition

  1. Vera Dear,
    I love your show today. I was happy to hear it. I wanted to tell you after you mentioned the Matthew Shepard foundation something important you might want to know if you have any listeners in Wyoming.
    Next week here in Denver, GALA begins actually this Friday it starts. If you are not familiar with this it is the every 4 year event where the Gay Choruses from all over the world gather to perform. This year it will be held here in Denver. Next Thursday evening in Laramy, WO, the Denver
    Gay Men Choir and the San Fransico Choir will be singing at the University together for the Matthew Shepard Foundation fundraiser I believe. You can look at the GALA website and see the info. I used to sing in our choir but because of health reasons I have backed out of it for the time being. I plan on attending this concert with friends we are driving up together my big old Lincoln mobile.
    Now as far as you being over weight hun, those to two skinny little rats can go suck an egg. They have no clue what we go through. I have been a big boy all of my life, been on so many diets over the years. I have just decided to be who I I am. There are men in the gay world who love chubs like me, and I mean hot men, muscular, young, athletic and so on. I understand hun what you are wanting to do, I be your cheering section sweetie. Love ya bunches dear…
    David in Denver

  2. Auntie, I object to the idea of a suit fund! I want you to lose some weight and be healthy and active!

  3. About Anderson Cooper: I am sure he was out for many years to his mother and his close RL-friends. But we mustn’t forget that he travels to countries for his work where the mere perception of being gay is reason enough for starting a lynch mob, or can officially be sentenced to death for being gay. Of course, him being a prominent American reporter travelling with a camera crew for a world-wide news network is some protection, but it’s a risky job nonetheless. So it’s not only conservative American advertisers he has to face.
    I would like to paste the link to an article written as a direct response to the article where Anderson comes out by his friend Kathy Griffin, about his coming out, which IMO explains the whole story very well (continue to read what she writes on page 2!):

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