Vera Speaks – Show 728 – White Boy Wednesday Edition

“That’s What You Think, Vera”, “Someone I Like Died”, “Tweet Me A Question” and Andy’s Hole.

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One thought on “Vera Speaks – Show 728 – White Boy Wednesday Edition

  1. Let me update you on Wanda Wisdom: Wanda’s alter ego has been headhunted by a local private radio station in the Twin Cities (myTalk 107.1) back in spring this year, where he now co-hosts a daily two-hour talk-radio-show (“Coleen & Bradley”) about pop culture topics, reality TV, TV-shows, RNSOTD-stuff etc. I think the other day they had an interview with “Octomom” Nadya Suleman about her upcoming self-pleasuring-video.
    On her last podcast back in early April, Wanda said she would set up a new site and continue the podcast as a hobby, which she hasn’t done yet (but I keep checking…). Sadly, Wanda has not been heard or seen since, except for an appearance at Twin Cities Pride and some hosting of a corporate event I believe.
    I miss hearing Wanda’s voice and her wonderful Progrum, which is why I started downloading Bradley’s radio show. It’s not the same, but it’s the next best thing.

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