Vera Speaks – Show 735 – Fuzz-Filled Friday Edition

“It’s In The News”, “Movie Recommendation Time”, “I Read An Interesting Tweet”, “Big Fatty Birthday Countdown” and Nanci’s Goodnight.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 735 – Fuzz-Filled Friday Edition

  1. Cher must suffer from insomnia even worse than yours. Almost every day when I get up in the morning and check my tweets, that crazy girl is still tweeting away, even after you sent your goodnight tweet (and mind you, I’m like 9 hours ahead of you, I tweet from the future!). You should engage her in a late-night twitter-conversation, I’m sure you’ll hit it off. After all, you’re a teeny tiny attention whore yourself, aren’t you ๐Ÿ˜‰ And your tweets are so charming and witty…

  2. I think it’s bad when Christian (or any religious for that matter) morality defines a law. Isn’t this the reason why homosexuality was illegal for a long time (e.g. until 1968 in Germany). I see no point in outlawing prostitution, I think it should rather be regulated so that it doesn’t happen in residential areas, the people making their living in that business therefore should gain security, and it should be taxed. Why should masturbation in an *adult* movie theatre be illegal when there are no children to be witnessing?!

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