Vera Speaks – Show 745 – Madly In Love Monday Edition

A VERY Special Message, Voicemails, A Blead “I Bein’ Followed” and Somewhere In Time.

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 745 – Madly In Love Monday Edition

  1. You guys look delightful! I hope the cruise goes beautifully. We’re off to Mexico next week on a 7 day cruise ourselves but despite considering a kennel we’re taking the kids with us – two twelve year olds. Our goal in 5 years is the Queen Mary from the UK to New York. By then they’ll be 17 and can fend for themselves. You are a delight Auntie Vera and have gotten me through many a day toiling in the corporate world.


    Daniel (of Daniel, Kevin and Alexander as the Z)

    • No Lovie. It was and IS the company. He makes me smile from the bottom of my soul.

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