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6 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 671 – Way Late Wednesday Edition

  1. An entire country watching the same TV programme at the same time is in no way “bringing people together.” That’s a ridiculous notion.

  2. Had it all, threw it away, victim of addiction, no more deserving of attention than all the other crack whores = absolutely.
    Chose that path, perhaps not? Addiction destruction comes in many forms. How heavy are you? Did you decide to be overweight-a?
    Good show though.

  3. Leesti lovie,
    EVERY path we take, we have chosen. Certainly we do not choose Cancer but the path we take WITH cancer IS of OUR choosing. If you believe drug addiction to be a disease than you have a choice as to what path you will take with that disease.
    I put EVERY SINGLE bite of food into my mouth out of choice. I am a fat cow because I CHOSE that path for myself. I MOST DEFINITELY decided to be overweight. My actions were and ARE that decision.
    I am, as was Whitney, only a victim of myself and my choices.

    • I never understood why addiction gets referred to as disease.
      I DO AGREE with you auntie but where brain chemistry is altered, be it by Narcotics, Fatty Acids, or Love, good choices are harder to make.
      Thank hydrogen you chose the right man to love eh?

  4. Wow…Listened to the show from Itunes so am only now by happenstance seeing the Dress Deja Vu….

  5. I just listened to Wednesdays show and you are so right about Americans idolizing sports and celebrities. I never could see the fascination with watching grown men hit a ball with a stick. And as far as Whitney Houston, well, she had a GREAT voice, yes. But thats it! She was JUST a freakin singer and nothing more, other then a dug addict. I don’t get all hoopla about her. And the Governor is declaring it a day of mourning??? Why? Oh wait, I know why; it has something to do with votes.

    This country has its head up its ass.

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