Vera Speaks – Show 764 – Wet Fingered Wednesday Edition

Voicemail, “Ask Auntie Vera”, “Netflix Streaming” and Liza’s Good Time.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 764 – Wet Fingered Wednesday Edition

  1. Auntie, dear, please *please* buy Conscience some Neutrogena hand lotion and a pair of rubber gloves for crying out loud! The poor thing!
    And Conscience lovie, you could do a lot worse than a little sewing for a month, I mean you could be assembling iDevices with other children at gunpoint in a factory in China or wherever…

  2. Auntie, you give some sound advice here! (I’m talking about the relationship advice) I’ve been thinking about this as well recently, and I like what you’re saying, I’ll try to apply that to myself.
    I think this is one for the archive!

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