Vera Speaks – Show 765 – Made It In Monday Edition

CPS, “Weekend Recap”, “Season Of Doom & Gloom”, “P.O. Box Thank Yous”, “Brand New Lovie In Lovieland”, “Mom Report” and Bab’s “Careful”.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 765 – Made It In Monday Edition

  1. Auntie, I know this is a bit like commenting on last week’s news, but nonetheless I feel compelled to comment on Felix Baumgartner’s “space-jump”, since you mentioned watching it rather enthusiastically.
    Now this might probably have been the first time you ever heard his name, but living in Austria myself, we have been reading and hearing about Mr. Baumgartner’s endeavors ever since 1999, when he jumped off the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, made all the front pages when he flew over the English Channel in 2003. You mention that there was a scientific part to the whole thing with NASA’s involvement, which I would dare to question. I read an article by a physics professor which stated that the scientific benefit was close to nil- neither for the improvement of space suits nor for the Telemetry-technology for medical emergencies in space travel, which is, according to him, the same as it was when Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon a couple of decades ago. So in my opinion, the whole thing was foremost a big (as in BIG *BIG*), major marketing stunt of Red Bull (which happens to be an Austrian company btw), probably the biggest of all time, and a financial and ego boost for that douchebag. It was, as I read in a Caricature in a newspaper the day after, “a giant leap for Red Bull and himself, one small step for mankind”. The only good thing I see in this is that he has announced to finally retire from BASE-jumping, therefore hopefully counting his money in obscurity in Switzerland, to where he relocated in order to save on taxes.
    Well, and for us as a country it’s probably a good thing to make world news with something other than people locking children in basement dungeons for a change…
    (And I am aware that I stand rather alone with my opinion about Mr. Baumgartner)

  2. Other than than, Auntie, couldn’t your mother have written that she is aware of puncutation yet unable to do so into the very E-Mail she sent to Gooch?

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