Vera Speaks – Show 767 – Fudge Packin’ Friday Edition

“Tweet Me A Question” and Nanci’s Open Book.

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5 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 767 – Fudge Packin’ Friday Edition

  1. Excuse me, Mr. Vera, with all due respect, but you cannot just drop “I met Liza” on us and not elaborate on the details of that encounter, maybe you feel compelled to blead about that at great length… I feel like a total stereotype for getting happy pants when someone mentions Liza Minnelli *sigh*

      • I was gonna mention that your chin looks a lot like Gere’s, and that I was hoping that you can blink as well as Gere can. But I googled it and thought he had a beard in that movie, so I figured it was your younger self…

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