Vera Speaks – Show 768 – Merrily Monday Edition

Voicemail, “Weekend Recap”, “P.O. Box Thank Yous”, “Season Of Doom & Gloom”, “Mother Report”, “Tweet Me A Question” and Another Winter.
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One thought on “Vera Speaks – Show 768 – Merrily Monday Edition

  1. Auntie, for years and years I kept wondering why you would be shopping at the “big buck store”, turns out it really is a “big box store”… Obviously English is not my first language.
    Would you consider making your Bœuf Stroganoff a Recipe Of The Day?
    So you have a Van Dyke beard, is that similar to the beard Lenin had? I guess you won’t be participating in Movember then, since you’re already rocking the stache 😉

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