Vera Speaks – Show 673 – Morally Muddled Monday Edition

It’s a President’s Day Gooch-A-Palooza!!!

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3 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 673 – Morally Muddled Monday Edition

  1. Thank you so very much for the lesson on etiquette. Although I have been on this earth a long time, it would have NEVER occurred to me that being nice/polite would benefit me in various scenarios.

    • You are SUCH a blood-drenched fart. I hate you to the depth and breadth my soul can reach.

  2. I totally get Gooch’s issues with the chafing thighs, I’ve been dealing with that myself. What worked for me was wearing cycling shorts (the kind that don’t have the pad sewn in) for my runs. I tried applying Bodyglide for a Half-Marathon that I ran, but that ended up in my socks (go figure) after 2+ hours of sweating…
    Basically, what you need to do is put some cloth fabric inbetween your thighs, and the crotch on regular shorts tends to be to low and leave some skin open to chafe…
    But of course, that’s nothing until you’re dealing with bloody nipples… just saying… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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