Vera Speaks – Show 676 – Muck Luck Monday Edition

“Weekend Recap”, “Life With Gooch” and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Speaks – Show 676 – Muck Luck Monday Edition

  1. Vera, I know this will sound fucking weird, and I don’t mean to upset you, but please keep an eye on Eunice & Howard when they’re outside. I’ve been thinking about coyotes lately. Say what?

    Well, it’s probably because you said that you take Howard out to pee at night and because you live in the desert. And because my uncle’s dog was killed by coyotes a few years ago in Arizona.

    And because you “mark your territory” when you’re outside, but that could just be the vodka in you yearning to be free.

    And because I recently heard a podcast about the old “a dingo ate my baby” case in Australia.

    Anyway, I’ve heard that in certain parts of the country, humans and coyotes are often in close proximity to one another, but that humans just aren’t aware of it.

    So, if you were to go inside for “just a minute” and leave the dogs outside, or if they were to run off, then an attack could happen.

    And, I know just how important Eunice & Howard are to you guys.

    So, if this message couldn’t get any weirder, I do sometimes have precognitive dreams, but this was more like a thought repeatedly passing through my OCD mind.

    Oooh, my meds are kicking in honey, gotta go. : )

    Seriously though, please be vigilant. – Andrew

  2. Thanks for being so supportive on Saturday, during my hour(s) of need(iness). I woke up with a raging hang. But it was worth it. I love Four Seasons too, as you know. It inspired me to get a snake. But tell me the truth: are you really afraid of your underwear?

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