I’m here now..

Mevio is Fucked.

 Okay Lovies, here’s what’s going on. Mevio is completely ignoring my emails and apparently doesn’t give a shit about the people that it chose to suspend without explanation.
Most likely, buried among the other bullshit in their “terms of use” crap that nobody reads, they expressed the right to suspend accounts without explanation. Well, they have exercised that option.
Everyone say it with me… “Mevio is a pig fucker”. Thank you.
The future: I am currently working with my friend Daniel on getting a dedicated website for my podcast. I don’t want to just go to another “free” host because of the potential of the same thing happening there that has happened at “Pig Fucking Mevio”. I have no idea how long it will take as Daniel is EXTREMELY busy and I am TOTALLY ignorant as to how to do what I need to do.
So I have two wishes. I wish that you will all be patient and in the time we are away from each other, try not to forget your Auntie. And when I am back up and running that you will all come back to listen and be a part of my life.
Thanks For Listening Kisses, Vera

One thought on “I’m here now..

  1. Hi Vera, you might want to leave a notice on the Pride 48 website and ask other podcasters to get the word out too. If I hadn’t remembered your web address, you would have simply vanished into thin air, like every other fucking man in my life! : )

    Also, several months ago, you asked why DVDs go bad sometimes. They call it “digital rot.” It’s caused by having your DVDs too close to a heat source (including sunlight). The DVD’s plastic expands and contracts over and over which causes a separation between the DVD’s plastic layers and the aluminum layer that stores the data. A guy who kept his DVDs near his fireplace learned about it the hard way.

    Also, if you’re interested, you can watch a documentary called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead.” It’s on Netflix. Here are their websites.



    The DVD is available on Amazon and so are the Breville Juicers that they use during the program.

    I just ordered the $199 model because it has 5 speeds and a digital display.

    Also, it spins at between 6,500 rpms and 12,500 rpms. If my memory serves me, the Jack LaLane Juicer and the Juiceman Juicer only spin at about 3,500 rpms.

    ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain BJE510XL $199.99

    I’m going to try juicing at least once a day because I’m tired of eating expensive prepackaged foods that aren’t even real food in some cases.

    I thought I’d have Total cereal & some juice for breakfast, then a sandwich & salad for lunch, then a Lean Cuisine (or whatever) for dinner.

    And raw fruits and vegetables whenever I like.

    And no, I don’t work for these guys. One reason that I watched it was that I thought the guy on the box was cute. So, I guess I’m really shallow.

    Hope that wasn’t TMI. : )

    Best Wishes.

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